Collecting Inspiring practices

One of the missions of the OCU and ANVITA, a founding member of the Migration Alliance, is to collect inspiring practices in alternative migration governance that are being experimented within territories.

Within this framework, the Migration Alliance has launched an international program that sends volunteers to several cities and territories in order to create an overview of the different practices that already exist. The mission consists in analyzing and highlighting the specificity of each territory and in deepening concrete and inspiring examples of alliances between civil society and local authorities that embody and nourish the reflection on a different governance of migration.

In addition to promoting civil society-local authority alliances in the territories, to disseminate these inspiring and innovative experiences elsewhere, this project also aims to anchor Alliance Migration locally and thus strengthen the initiatives carried out in the territories, while contributing to a common advocacy for an alternative governance of migration.

To date, Alliance Migration has already sent volunteers to Barcelona, Palermo, Lisbon, Grenoble and Montreuil for a first session in 2020/2021 and in Berlin, Liege and le Pays Viganais (France) for a second session in 2021/2022. The work of the volunteers has resulted in a detailed overview of the migration practices of the cities concerned, as well as a cross analysis of the data collected: the common base.


Download here the panoramas of the studied cities:

Panorama Barcelona

Panorama Palermo

Panorama de Lisboa

Panorama Grenoble

Panorama de Montreuil

Panorama Berlin 

Panorama Liege

Panorama Pays Viganais