The Alliance Migrations project is the result of the meeting of two dynamics (the Organization for Universal Citizenship, the National Association of Welcoming Cities and Territories and their respective experiences.

This project was launched on October 4, 2019 at the National Museum of the History of Immigration following two days of reflection with a wide range of actors from civil society and local authorities, nationally and internationally. Indeed, the meeting of October 3 and 4, 2019 brought together more than 180 participants (representatives of local authorities, representatives of associations, networks, citizen collectives and unions) from 25 countries and 30 cities in Africa, the Americas and Europe. The aim was to build a working alliance between local authorities and civil society organizations.

The aim of this alliance is to promote, from the local level and in a global perspective, a different kind of governance of migration that includes the voice and expertise of local authorities and civil society organizations, and to implement migration policies that guarantee unconditional and dignified reception and respect for the fundamental rights of exiled persons. This meeting allowed to build the foundations of a collective strategy around concrete and achievable objectives, set in a founding text, and an agenda of common actions. During these two days, there were plenary sessions and workshop discussions, as well as sessions open to a wider public. A press conference was organized at the end of these two days.

The Alliance Migrations must also contribute to renew the discourse on migration and overcome the negative image that dominates the public space through the media. So that, from being the ideal scapegoat, the exiles become the emissaries of a reaffirmed and renewed tradition of welcome.


Click here to download the Acts of the meeting of the Migration Alliance 

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